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Transforming Live-Cell Microscopy with CellLight® Reagents

Traditional methods for using fluorescent proteins are constrained by low expression efficiency and cytotoxicity associated with lipid-based transfection, and the accessibility of these tools has been limited to researchers skilled in molecular biology. The baculovirus-based CellLight® reagents are rapidly transforming fluorescent protein–based live-cell imaging from the domain of a handful of experts into a simple and powerful technique available to everyone.  Read More...


Multiplexed Western Blot Detection

Fast and Efficient Solid-Phase Antibody Labeling

Differentiate Your Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research

Capture Newly Synthesized RNA for High-Resolution Transcriptome Analysis

Advanced Cell Proliferation Analysis
Copper-Free Protein Labeling and Detection in Live and Fixed Cells



Choosing the Right Dye for Imaging Intracellular Calcium

Putting Autophagy Into Context

Fluorescent Dye Labeling Made Simple

Taking the Pulse of Cell Proliferation

Easy and Accurate Counting of Stem Cells

Accurate and Sensitive Protein Quantitation

Keeping the Natural Lights On

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