Just Released—July, 2011
Our Newest Cellular Analysis Products and Technologies

Simplified Click-IT® Edu Kits for Flow Cytometry

New streamlined kits are available for cell proliferation analysis using the Click-iT® EdU flow cytometry assay, and two sizes are available for convenience. Standard aldehyde-based fixation and detergent permeabilization are sufficient for the Click-iT® detection reagent to gain access to DNA, making proliferation results available in less than 90 minutes. Simplified flow cytometry–specific protocols are included with the kits.

Click-iT® EdU Alexa Fluor® 488 and FxCycle™ Violet fluorescence  
Dual-parameter plot of Click-iT® EdU Alexa Fluor® 488 and FxCycle™ Violet fluorescence.

Magnetic Luminex® Multiplex Assay Panels

We now offer magnetic multiplex immunoassays for the simultaneous quantitation of multiple cytokine proteins in one well using Luminex® technology. The magnetic bead–based kits provide the same assay performance as conventional multiplex kits using polystyrene beads, but enable easier washing by attracting the beads with a magnetic plate, thereby eliminating the hassle of filter plates that can clog or leak.

Polystyrene and magnetic beads  
Schematic representation of polystyrene and magnetic beads. The magnetic beads have an encapsulated magnetic layer around the polysterene core, enabling ease of wash steps using a magnet to attract the beads.

New Digoxigenin Antibodies

Two new antibodies to digoxigenin are available for hapten detection: Anti-Digoxigenin ABfinity™ Rabbit Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody, generated from a single clone; and Anti-Digoxigenin Rabbit Recombinant Oligoclonal Antibody, generated from a pool of clones. Rabbit recombinant antibodies provide consistent performance by virtue of the method used to create the antibody, so you can be certain the antibody will perform in your application the same way every time.

New Digoxigenin Antibodies  
Western blot detection of digoxigenin conjugated to BSA with anti-digoxigenin monoclonal (A) or oligoclonal (B) antibodies. 

Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer

The Tali™ Image-Based CytometerThe Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer is a 3-channel imaging platform that performs suspension cell–based assays right from your bench. You can now measure fluorescent protein expression, apoptosis, or cell viability in approximately 1 minute for a typical cell population analysis. Read the article, Three-Parameter Population Analysis Right From Your Bench, Introducing the Tali™ Image-Based Cytometer.   

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.