From Vessel to Image in Two Clicks

After working with you for 30 years on the development and optimization of Molecular Probes® reagents, you’ve taught us a thing or two about the complexities in generating a picture-perfect fluorescent cell image. Designed in collaboration with fluorescence microscopy users, the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station (Figure 1) captures high-quality fluorescent cell images right at your benchtop, with an interface that is so simple even novice users can collect data in as little as two clicks of the mouse.
  FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Figure 1. The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station is a complete solution for fluorescence imaging.
The FLoid™ device integrates microscope optics, wide-screen LCD monitor, on-board computer, camera, and software to create a stand-alone cell imaging station.

User Interface Designed by Researchers Like You

The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station features three fluorescence channels that correspond to the wavelengths of the most commonly used dyes (DAPI, FITC, and Texas Red® dye) and fluorescent proteins, as well as a relief phase-contrast channel—each available with the click of a mouse. The user interface has a modern look and feel to aid in intuitive operation, with easy-to-use image capture and processing screens (Figure 2), thumbnails of collected images, and quick-reference icons. Moreover, you can easily access detailed information on over 160 reagents in 20 application areas, including predictive result images and step-by-step protocols, directly from this interface.

The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station offers fast results, with no warm-up or cooldown periods required and no confusing changeable filters. Additionally, the open-stage design provides maximum vessel flexibility for fluorescence cell imaging from slides, multi-well culture dishes, or even T-75 flasks. And because the light shield blocks ambient laboratory light, the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station can sit right on your lab bench, not in some distant darkroom. An optional printer can be used to generate sticker-based prints for immediate notebook mounting.

FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station
Figure 2. A look at the user interface of the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station.

For Research Use Only.  Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.