NovaBright™ Phospha-Light™ EXP Assay Kit for Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase Detection

The NovaBright™ Phospha-Light™ EXP Assay Kit is optimized for monitoring secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene expression in cell culture supernatants, cells, or whole culture wells. This second-generation chemiluminescence-based assay is a simpler and faster version of our popular Phospha-Light™ assay and can be easily adapted for high-throughput screening applications. The Phospha-Light™ assays provide optimal assay signals, sensitive detection, and a broad dynamic range when compared with other commercially available colorimetric, fluorescent, or chemiluminescent reporter gene assay kits. Requiring only a small amount of cell culture supernatant, the Phospha-Light™ EXP assay is ideal for performing time-course studies or multiparametric analyses.


NovaBright™ Phospha-Light EXP Assay Kit  
Multiparametric measurement of SEAP activity and cell viability. NIH/3T3 cells transfected with pCRE-SEAP, which provides cAMP-inducible SEAP expression, were treated with forskolin to induce cAMP. SEAP activity in the cell culture supernatant was then measured using the NovaBright™ Phospha-Light™ EXP assay. Cell viability was monitored with the PrestoBlue® assay, an alternative to the alamarBlue® assay that provides results in as little as 10 min; a wide variety of other assays or imaging experiments can be performed on the remaining cells. alamarBlue® is a registered trademark of Trek Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

CellLight® Reagents in BacMam 2.0 Format

CellLight® reagents combine BacMam gene delivery and expression technology with genetically encoded fluorescent proteins targeted to specific organelles or other subcellular structures. Originally introduced as Organelle Lights™ and Cellular Lights™ reagents, our CellLight® reagents have completed their conversion from BacMam 1.0 to BacMam 2.0 and are now available for late endosome targets as well as in additional colors for the popular actin, synaptophysin, peroxisome, and nuclear targets.

BacMam 2.0 greatly expands the efficiency and utility of this popular gene delivery platform by including more effective regulatory elements to boost expression levels and a pseudotyped capsid protein to facilitate cell entry. Cell types previously not compatible with BacMam 1.0 (e.g., neurons) and those only poorly transduced (e.g., CHO cells and some stem cells) are now transduced quantitatively in a simple, one-step process using these new CellLight® reagents.


CellLight® Actin-RFP BacMam 2.0  
Actin (red) and talin (green) visualized in human neonatal epidermal keratinocytes. Cells were co-transduced with CellLight® Actin-RFP and CellLight® Talin-GFP and imaged on a Zeiss LSM confocal microscope after overnight incubation.

Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor in BacMam 2.0 Format

Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor—a fluorescent, two-color sensor of cell cycle progression and division in live cells—is now delivered by highly efficient BacMam 2.0 technology. Premo™ FUCCI sensor enables accurate and sensitive cell cycle analysis of individual cells or cells in a population by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry.



Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor  
Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor. Three U2OS cells expressing Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor are shown in different stages of the cell cycle.


A Must-See Video: Less Time to Real‑Time PCR with Ambion® Cells-to-CT™ Kits

Gene expression analysis is so much easier when you can skip the mRNA isolation step altogether, and instead prepare your cells directly for real-time PCR. Now get real-time PCR results in less time with the Ambion® Cells-to-CT™ kits, which use a simple 7-minute sample prep. Fewer handling steps ensure shorter protocols, minimal sample loss, and reduced risk of contamination.

Gibco® Liquid Media for Bacterial and Yeast Culture

Life Technologies now offers Gibco® microbiological media in ready-to-use liquid formats for bacterial and yeast culture:

  • LB Broth—most referenced bacterial medium for E. coli strains
  • Terrific Broth—nutritionally rich for higher-density growth and maintenance of recombinant E. coli strains
  • M9 Minimal Salts—for cultivation and maintenance of E. coli strains
  • YPD Broth—for maintenance and propagation of P. pastoris and S. cerevisae yeast strains


Gibco® Microbiological Media  
Gibco® liquid media for bacterial and yeast culture. LB Broth, Terrific Broth, M9 Minimal Salts, and YPD Broth.