Step Up the Sensitivity of Your ELISAs

Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kits With Enhanced Sensitivity and Dynamic Range

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In their many configurations, ELISAs are the analytical workhorses of the lab. The new Novex® Chemiluminescence (Chemi) ELISA Kits are more sensitive than conventional colorimetric ELISAs, enabling detection of proteins present at very low levels. They also have a larger dynamic range, minimizing the need for sample dilutions.

Harness the Sensitivity and Range of Chemiluminescence

Chemiluminescence—the conversion of chemical energy to light—provides the highest detection sensitivity when compared with fluorescence-based or colorimetric methods. Moreover, the use of alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrates with chemiluminescence enhancers significantly increases light emission efficiency, allowing highly sensitive analyte detection in microplate-based assays. The Novex® Chemi ELISA Kits contain NovaBright™ CSPD-Emerald II AP substrates, which produce intense chemiluminescent signals when cleaved by AP and excellent signal-to-noise ratios. In addition to sensitivity, the Novex® Chemi ELISA Kits offer a broad assay range (Figure 1), minimizing guesswork for sample dilutions.


Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kits provide improved sensitivity and dynamic range  
Figure 1. Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kits provide improved sensitivity and dynamic range. The standard curves of the Human IL-1β Chemi ELISA Kit and the Human IL-1β Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit are shifted to the left of the curve for the colorimetric Human IL-1β ELISA Kit, enabling detection at almost 10-fold lower protein concentration. In addition, the Chemi ELISA Kit provides a larger dynamic range than either of the other two kits.

Novex® Chemi ELISA Kits Make Chemiluminescence Easy

The Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kits are useful for assaying protein analytes in serum, plasma, or tissue culture supernatants, and they have been fully validated and optimized for customer convenience. The assay protocol is simple, with convenient ready-to-use substrate vials and a total incubation time of 3.5 hours (Figure 2).


Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kit protocol  

Figure 2. The Novex® Chemiluminescence ELISA Kit protocol.
Samples are incubated in a 96-well plate precoated with monoclonal capture antibody. After washing, alkaline phosphatase (AP)–conjugated detector antibody is added, followed by a wash and the addition of CSPD-Emerald II substrate. Light production—which is proportional to protein concentration—is measured in relative luminescence units (RLU) using a microplate reader with chemiluminescence capability (luminometer).


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