Quest 5.1 Cover
This issue of Quest (Vol. 5, Issue 1, August 2008) focuses on the growing field of epigenetics. Download the entire Quest publication (PDF, 4486 Kb) or view individual articles below.

  • FEATURES —Experts share their thoughts on epigenetics; multicolor flow cytometry
  • RESEARCH —miRNA profiling, protein identification using SILAC, cell culture media for small-scale bioreactors
  • TECHNOLOGY REVIEW —Kit for identifying DNA methylation, tools for stem cell research, tools for JAK/STAT pathway analysis, and more
  • OVERVIEW —The next revolution in life science?
  • ON THE WEB —The new; the Akt pathway
  • LAB FOCUS —The Biotechnical Institute of Maryland


Quest 5.1 Epigenetics

Beyond the helix: Thoughts on epigenetics
Groundbreaking discoveries in epigenetics have recently brought this area to the forefront. But what exactly is epigenetics, and where are these discoveries taking us? Experts in the field share their thoughts on this growing area of research. By Jeffrey Perkel

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Quest 5.1 Qdot Nanocrystals

Qdot® nanocrystal conjugates for flow cytometry
Take the easy route to multicolor flow cytometry. With applications across a wide range of biological investigations, Qdot® nanocrystals are powerful complements to traditional fluorophore conjugates. By Yu-Zhong Zhang and William L. Godfrey

NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System

miRNA profiling in breast cancer using the NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System

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CD 293 AGT™

CD 293 AGT™ medium for the cultivation of HEK 293 EBNA cells in small-scale bioreactors: An application report


Identifying differentially secreted proteins using metabolic incorporation of stable isotopes (SILAC)


MethylCode™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

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stem cell research

Tools for human embryonic stem cell research

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  • Learn more about stem cell research

AccuPrime™ technology for high-specificity PCR systems

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  • Learn more about AccuPrime™ technology

Technologies and tools for JAK/STAT pathway analysis

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  • Learn more about the JAK/STAT pathway

VEGF ELISA kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins

FreeStyle™ MAX

FreeStyle™ MAX Expression System



The next revolution in life science?


The Biotechnical Institute of Maryland


Read about the new, and the Akt pathway