Our stem cell protocols are developed as part of our commitment to help you achieve superior practices and consistent outcomes every time you enter the lab. Our wide range of protocols provide established procedures and products for stem cell reprogramming, culture, differentiation, characterization, and more.

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Featured 'how to' videos

To enable the adoption and use of our key stem cell products, we've developed short, easy-to-follow how-to videos. Watch for tips on stem cell culture, differentiation, and more.

Selecting a matrix for PSC culture

How to prepare vitronectin substrate plates for pluripotent stem cell culture

Passaging reagents for PSC culture

How to passage pluripotent stem cells in Essential 8 Medium

How to prepare StemFlex Medium

How to prepare Essential 8 Medium for pluripotent stem cell culture

How to adapt pluripotent stem cells from other PSC media into Essential 8 Medium

How to use Gibco PSC Neural Induction Medium

How to differentiate pluripotent stem cells (PSC) into cardiomyocytes

How to induce pluripotent stem cells into definitive endoderm

How to Use the TaqMan hPSC Scorecard Panel

How to cryopreserve pluripotent stem cells

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