The SeeBlue® Plus2 Pre-Stained Standard allows easy visualization of protein molecular weight ranges during electrophoresis and evaluation of western transfer efficiency. The important features of the standard are listed below:

  • Consists of 10 pre-stained protein bands (8 blue and 2 contrasting colors) in the range of 4-250 kDa
  • Suitable for Tris-Glycine, Tricine, and NuPAGE® Novex Gels


The SeeBlue® Plus2 Pre-Stained Standard is supplied ready-to-use. There is no need to heat or add reducing agent.
Use loading volumes listed below to obtain the best results:

Gel Electrophoresis Blotting
Mini-Gel (1.0 mm thick) 10 µl 3 µl
Mini-Gel (1.5 mm thick) 20 µl 5 µl
Standard Gel (1.0 mm thick) 20 µl 7 µl
Standard Gel (1.5 mm thick) 30 µl 10 µl


The apparent molecular weights of the protein bands in SeeBlue® Plus2 Pre-Stained Standard in several buffer systems is shown below. The protein bands have different mobilities in various SDS-PAGE buffer systems.



Contents:  500 µl of SeeBlue® Plus2 Pre-Stained Standard
Loading Buffer:  Tris-HCl, Formamide, SDS, Phenol Red
Storage:  Store at 4°C
Stability:  4 months at 4°C