Apply Promotions and Quotes

To take advantage of special pricing you can enter a promotion or quote code, after all items are added to your cart. Promotional pricing or a quote can be applied at checkout and will be displayed on your order summary. To ensure that your promotion or quote code will be automatically applied on future purchases, save them in your profile under Payment Methods.


When promotions are offered by different Thermo Fisher Scientific businesses, you may find you have multiple promotional codes. Promotional pricing can be offered through promotion codes or quotes, or through an online offer discount.  Promotion codes/quotes begin with a letter P, D, or R.   Details on how the cart handles different promotions are below.


  • Apply promotional codes for special pricing
  • Enter quote numbers to apply quotes provided by your Sales Representative.
  • Save promotions and quotes for future purchases

Enter promotions or quotes for special pricing

Please ensure that the products in your cart qualify for the promotion or quote before entering the code.


Simply enter the promotion code or quote in the designated area labeled 'Enter a quote or a promotion.' and then select 'apply'. The order summary will reflect the pricing with the promotion or quote applied, and you will see this code applied throughout checkout.

Using multiple promotional/quote codes in the cart

It's important to note that some promotions cannot be used in conjunction with others. In such cases, you will receive notification when attempting to apply a conflicting promotion or quote within the cart. If you encounter an error message while adding a promotion or quote and believe it should be applicable, you can add comments to the special instructions field during the checkout process. A dedicated Customer Care representative will review your comments, and your order will be temporarily put on hold until they can assess and process your order effectively.


The most common promotional/quote codes have a 'P' or 'D' prefix. Currently, only one of these types of promotions can be used for a single order. If you use a 'P' or 'D' type promotion/quote alongside an online offer, will return the lowest price.

Another popular promotion type has an 'R' prefix. Only one 'R' type promotion can be used at a time in the cart. To use an 'R' promotion type with a 'P' or 'D' type, the products must be distinct. Also, note that an 'R' type cannot be used alongside an online offer.

Save promotions or quotes

You can save your promotion or quote codes within your profile under Payment Methods. Once saved, these promotions/quotes will appear automatically in your cart for each purchase until you remove them from your profile.

Quote types

Sales Quotes can be viewed from the Quote History section of your account. This section also provides additional features that allow you to download a copy of a quote and share the quote with a colleague.


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