Register for an Account

Two types of online accounts are available to establish a commercial relationship with Thermo Fisher Scientific: a basic account for viewing our product catalog and sharing a shopping list, and a purchasing account for placing orders with account-specific pricing.


Setting up a purchasing account is fast if your institution already has an account. Instant setup is possible with an invitation from a colleague.


For a new purchasing account, we need institution information, shipping, and billing addresses. Our Customer Care team will use this information to set up your account, and so long as the content is in order your new account is normally available in 24 hours.  Orders placed during this time will be on hold until the account is established.


  • Basic account’s provide access to shopping tools
  • Link your institution to your account to place orders.
  • New accounts are validated; submitted orders are on hold until verified.

Basic account

Sign up for a account by choosing "Create Account' from the Sign-In menu, or by visiting Complete the registration form, verify your email address to begin using your basic account.

Purchasing account

If you’re interested in purchasing on, you can link to your institution’s account, after you verify your email. If you have  a colleague’s invitation, setup is near instant. Otherwise, provide shipping and billing details, and our Customer Care team will validate your account and confirm your registration.

If you place an order before your purchasing account is validated, the order will be on hold until the account is confirmed by our customer care team.

Invite colleagues to your institution's account

If you have an existing account, you can invite colleagues to purchase from your institution's account on This will provide them with an instant registration so they can purchase products.


 To invite a colleague

1. Enter your colleagues’ email address(es) into the form.
Note: You and your colleague must have the same e-mail domain. (e.g., can invite, but cannot invite


2. Choose the appropriate shipping and billing address from the dropdown menu for your colleague, then submit. Your colleague will receive an email invitation from Thermo Fisher Scientific on your behalf and will be prompted to set a password to complete the process..