Certificate of Analysis (CoA) mobile app

Easily scan and locate the certificate of analysis for any Life Technologies product

Eliminate guesswork and time searching for reference content. With the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) mobile app simply find and access important reference materials for greater efficiency and productivity in your lab workplace. Just aim and scan a barcode and you can have CoA documents at your fingertips. Quickly access the technical documents needed to complete your time-critical experiments or projects.

  • Point and auto-scan
  • Find CoAs on any Life Technologies product
  • Save searches in history
  • Easily share documents

Available free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices


Search made simple—point and auto-scan 

Scan and go: just point at a product barcode and the app recognizes and finds the relevant CoA of interest. You can also search by part or lot number.
No longer have access to barcodes? No worries. You can also search by part or lot number.  Type in the product information and the CoA app automatically searches for the document you're looking for.

  • Auto-scan built into the app
  • Search by part # or lot #
  • Manually search by name if barcode is unavailable
  • Simply save searches

    Never lose a CoA again. For quick access, the CoA app allows all search results to be stored in an easy to access folder for quick future reference.

    • Convenient referencing at your fingertips
    • Never lose a previous search—save your most commonly used CoA  documents

    Easily share documents

    Need to send copies to your lab partners or to another device? Easily share content in as little as 2 taps. It's as simple as tapping on the desired COA listing and sending anywhere via email.

    • Email CoAs to colleagues
    • Save to history via the send button
    • Share documents through email