PCR Essentials

All your day-to-day PCR product information in one convenient spot

The PCR essentials app is a great tool for molecular biology researchers who conduct polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Find product information on Taq polymerases, dNTPs, gels and stains, RT-PCR products, cDNA products, and master mixes. Also, use the master mix calculator to design and edit your PCR master mixes on the fly and send them via text or email.

  • Quickly find info on most commonly used Life Technologies PCR products
  • Includes a handy master mix calculator
  • Helpful PCR video library
  • Available free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices


Connect to your PCR instruments through your mobile device

Enjoy convenient remote access via the PCR Essentials app. Connect by Wi-Fi and monitor your instrument from anywhere. Learn more about the ProFlex™ PCR System or the new SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler.


Easily find common PCR product info

With PCR Essentials, you can quickly and easily find product information on the most commonly used products in the Life Technolgies PCR catalog. Also, conveniently add products to your shopping list and send a copy to yourself for ordering. Find storage temperature, concentration, kit components, and other details on:

  • Taq polymerases
  • dNTPs
  • Gels and stains
  • PCR plastics
  • RT-PCR products
  • cDNA products
  • Master mixes

Master mix calculator

PCR Essentials comes with a built-in master mix calculator to help you design and edit your PCR master mixes on the fly. After calculating, send a copy of the mix to yourself via text or email so you can print it off and put it in your notebook later.

  • Design and edit mixes on the fly
  • Text or email mixes for later reference
  • Customize your calculator by adding and deleting line items

PCR video library

Helpful PCR videos are also included in the PCR Essentials app. Watch fun and educational videos on PCR to help you learn more about techniques and strategies to maximize your PCR experience.

  • Educate yourself on PCR techniques
  • Learn about new PCR products