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David’s Ph.D. and postdoctoral work focused on the study of G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology and thrombosis. Following his academic training, he led Luminex®-based multiplexed immunoassay platform development efforts at a Luminex® partnering company. In 2009, David joined Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologies) as a senior scientist working on the development of novel immunoassay platforms (e.g., ProtoPlex™ Immune Response Assay).  Working on next-gen immunoassay technologies, David is interested in working with translational investigators and key opinion leaders to identify serum-based biomarkers in cancer, autoimmunity, and inflammation. Beyond his R&D responsibilities, David is dedicated to platform strategy and the Thermo Fisher Scientific antibody content roadmap.

Topics for seminars or roundtable discussions
  • Biomarker discovery-to-validation
  • Immunoassays for Inflammation, autoimmunity and cancer
  • Cell signaling
  • Immunoassay development
  • Western blotting workflow

Sample abstract: Serum Profiling for the Study of Inflammation, Cancer, and Autoimmunity

Translational investigators require powerful immunoassays for the targeted detection of proteomic biomarkers with the goal of improving human health. Serum profiling tools are critical to understanding how acute and chronic inflammatory conditions initiate diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity. Invitrogen™ immunoassay solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific provide sensitive and specific detection of target proteins across a range of applications and platforms, including western blotting, ELISA, and Luminex™ xMAP™ multiplexed bead-based assays.  This latter platform produces rich data sets from small sample volumes.
Born out of a need to validate ProtoArray® human protein microarray-based biomarker discovery results, and provide additional context around immune profiling, our multiplexed immunoassays now measure both halves of the serum proteome: antigens and autoantibodies. Targeted biomarker discovery and validation on the ProtoPlex™ platform utilizes the same trusted xMAP™ multiplexing technology found in our cytokine assays. This unique two-tiered approach has been used in the study autoimmune diseases including SLE.  Data from our 30-plex Human Cytokine Panel and the ProtoPlex™ Autoimmune Panel (19-plex) will be discussed.  Additionally, this seminar will highlight key capabilities and benefits of our immunoassay tools in the context of inflammatory cell signaling, cancer, and autoimmunity.

Integrated Protein Analysis Techniques (Workshop from 2015 AAI Meeting)

Watch our webinar on immunoassay platform development for evaluating biomarkers relevant to autoimmune disease and cancer research. Discover how antibody-based multiplex tools augment your capacity to detect protein analytes in biological samples.



A unique and engaging video webinar format featuring in-depth discussions with scientists in the field.

Biomarker Discovery, Quantitation, and Analysis with Multiplex Immunoassays

Jeff Borgia, PhD
Assistant Professor Facilitator
Biomedical Biomarkers Analysis Core
Rush University
David Bourdon, PhD
Staff Scientist, R&D
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Gee Sharma, PhD
Associate Scientist
University of New Mexico
Damon Cook
Field Application Specialist
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Getting Better Western Results

Katrina Linning
Research Assistant and Laboratory Manager
Michigan State University
David Bourdon, PhD
Staff Scientist, R&D
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Kevin Lowitz
Senior Product Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thomas Thompson
Staff Scientist
Bayer HealthCare