Discover how we are innovating with the planet in mind.

At Thermo Fisher, we continually evaluate how we design, source, make, use and ship our products, as well as how we return, recycle or dispose of them at end of life. We seek out ways to improve the health and environmental impacts across the product life cycle, including sourcing better materials, implementing alternative ways to make and ship our products, and developing strong partnerships with suppliers and customers to help advance our shared sustainability goals.

Raising the bar on more sustainable product design

Always with an eye on innovation, we strive to make the most of our resources and reduce the environmental footprint of our products, without compromising quality and performance. Leveraging our sustainable design framework and processes along with the PPI Business System, Thermo Fisher scientists apply Design for Sustainability principles to product design.


We're on a journey to think differently about how we design, make and package our products—moving from linear processes to a more circular economy, where we eliminate waste and keep materials in use, either as a product, components or raw materials.

Choosing greener products - look for the leaf

For customers seeking greener products, Thermo Fisher has created an easy identification system with our green leaf symbol. When you see the green leaf symbol on one of our products, it means that product meets one or more of our environmental sustainability criteria.

Our criteria for designing to reduce environmental impact

We are continually evaluating how we make and deliver our products, and how our customers are using them. We incorporate principles of green chemistry and green engineering into product design.


As a result, our greener products help advance sustainability and improve lab safety by minimizing use of hazardous chemicals, reducing waste and material consumption and increasing energy efficiency. 

Less hazardous products and waste

Minimizing hazardous materials and hazardous waste in the lab is a win for both safety and the environment.

Less waste and use of fewer resources

When reducing waste in your lab, every little bit helps. Whether it’s reducing, eliminating or reusing. 

More energy efficient

More energy efficient products help power your work and support lab sustainability without compromising performance.

Responsibly packaged and shipped

Reducing packaging, replacing non-recyclable materials and shipping products at ambient temperatures when feasible.

Extending life of products and materials

Innovating ways to extend the useful life of products and materials. 


Measuring environmental impact: The ACT label

We believe it should be easy to make informed purchasing decisions when looking for more sustainable products. By participating in the ACT label program, run by the non-profit organization My Green Lab, we can provide easy-to-use information about our products' environmental impact. Think of an ACT label like an eco-nutrition label for comparing the environmental impact of lab products and to help you choose more sustainable products.


Get the facts. Find details on all green product claims  for each of our greener product lines.

We take sustainable product design seriously and believe all greener product claims should be transparently documented. For each of our greener product lines, we provide a green fact sheet that explains and substantiates the greener product claim(s) related to that product line.


To make it easy for customers to find our Greener by design products, we have labeled them with our green leaf symbol in product search results and on product pages. You can also find a complete, updated list by clicking below. 

Sustainability insights

Corporate Social Responsibility at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports are available to provide further detail to our CSR Programs and the progress we make each year.