Providing accountability, consistency and transparency when making greener choices.

When you're looking for sustainable products, we believe it should be easy to make informed purchasing decisions. We're working to provide more information about our products' environmental impact by stepping up to participate in the ACT label program with selected products. Created by non-profit organization My Green Lab to help consumers make smart, sustainable product choices, the virtual ACT label provides environmental Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency for each labeled product through an environmental impact score. The score is based on the product's environmental impact with regard to manufacturing practices, energy and water use, and end-of-life disposal. It's like an eco-nutrition label for lab products.

How to use the ACT label

Regional-specific ACT labels

Scores for shipping impact and end of life disposal are dependent on where the product is made and then sold and used. To address regional score differences, My Green Lab has now begun publishing region-specific labels for product used in the United States, the European Union and United Kingdom. 

ACT US Label

ACT European Union Label

ACT UK Label

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Our participating products

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our mission to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer drives our commitment to sustainability. Participating in this program is one more way we're partnering to deliver sustainable solutions to help laboratories impact the world in all the right ways, and helping enable more informed sustainable purchasing decisions. 

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*Does not apply to 124-0045, 124-0045PK and 524-0020

Sustainability insights

How sustainable are your lab practices?

Laboratories can be big consumers of resources and waste producers, but there are choices you can make everyday to lower your lab’s environmental impact and achieve sustainability stardom. Put your lab practices to the test in the environmental board game where every action has a reaction.