Organism Type Human The 293 cell line is a permanent line of primary human embryonal kidney transformed by sheared human adenovirus type 5 (Ad 5) DNA. The cells express the transforming gene of adenovirus 5 They are excellent for titrating human adenovirus, see The GIBCO cells are 293F and 293H. They are pre-adapted to suspension culture in CD 293 or 293 SFM II. Cells which are not pre-adapted will not grow well in these SFM. They would need to be adapted to suspension culture first. The ATCC cells grow adherently, but could probably be adapted to suspension culture. What does the A in 293A stand for? It kind of stands for "adherent" just because the 293A cells (which are just a single cell clone of regular 293s) tend to adhere and form nice flat monolayers in tissue culture dishes. This is why they work so well for plaque assays (regular 293s would be too spindly and would have lots of holes in their monolayer). (P. Welch, 9/02).
Tissues Kidney
Phenotype Either
Primary no
Application Cell Culture / Growth Conditions,Nucleic Acid Purification,Protein Expression,Protein Purification,Stable Cell Transfection,Transfection: Gene Expression,Transfection: Gene Silencing,Transient Transfection,Virus Production

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