Organism Type Human The GripTite™ 293 MSR Cell Line is a genetically engineered Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK 293) cell line that expresses the human macrophage scavenger receptor and strongly adheres to standard tissue culture plates for dependable results. Developed from a 293-H subclone, GripTite™ 293 MSR cells show the same fast cell growth, high transfection efficiency, and high-level expression characteristics of the parental 293-H cells. Unlike most 293 cells, GripTite® 293 MSR cells don't wash away during the repeated manipulations of routine tissue culture or plate washing protocols. Their superior adherence enables reliable reproduction of ligand-binding, enzymatic, or immunofluorescence assay results.
Tissues Kidney
Phenotype Adherent
Primary no
Application Transfection: Gene Expression

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