Organism Type Mouse Primary erythroleukemias were induced following injection of BALB/c mice at birth with clone 57 of F-MuLV helper virus. To establish cell lines from these tumors, erythroleukemic cells from tumor HB60-t were cultured in -MEM supplemented with 15% FBS, 1 U of Epo (Boehringer) per ml, and 100 mg of SCF per ml. After several days of culture in the presence of Epo and SCF, a small population of the HB60 splenic tumor cells survived and proliferated in the presence of 20% FBS. While these cells grow slowly under this condition, a rare and fast-growing population of these cells had emerged after approximately 2 months in culture. The HB60 cells were cloned by limited dilution, and the clone HB60-5 was used in further studies. To induce differentiation, HB60-5 cells were washed twice with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and incubated in the presence of 15% FBS and 0.1 U of Epo per ml.
Tissues Spleen
Phenotype Adherent
Primary no
Application Stable Cell Transfection

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