Get a Quote

To get a quote of the contents of your cart, simply sign into your account and select the generate quote button. This will generate a quotation, in PDF format, that applies your account pricing and displays the order total, including applicable tax and handling charges. You can save or print this quotation and use it in your internal procurement processes.

Hint: Once a web quote is generated, a unique cart is created in Saved Carts with a “W” prefix that you can process at any time.  

Note: Your quote is the price at the time your cart is created.  Prices may change at any time without notice, which may render your quote inaccurate. Please contact your Account Representative with any questions about your pricing.

Generate a Web Quote

Step 1

Sign in to your Account. Note: your account must be activated in order to create a web quote. This is to ensure your account pricing is applied to your order. If you have just registered for an account, it can take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated.

Step 2

Add the products to your cart you want to include in your quote. If you have an additional quote or promotional code, apply it to your cart.

Step 3

Select the Generate web quote button, which will create a printable/savable PDF of your web quote.

Apply a Web Quote

Step 1

Your web quotation can be found in your Account, within Saved Carts. The quote name will start with W - indicating a web quote. Select the quote number to view the products in your quote/cart.

Step 2

Begin to checkout to complete the ordering process. You can also transfer your cart/quote contents to another online user by selecting Transfer control of cart.