Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders lets you set up and manage frequently purchased products including reserves. The tool sets shipment frequency and duration of your recurrence for each product on your list. It also lets you specify a Reserve, when needed.  As with other e-commerce capabilities you can share the recurring order information with others.


Recurring Orders

  • Create new and manage existing recurring orders including reserves
  • Secure inventory and scheduled ship dates
  • Track upcoming shipments 

Create, View and Manage Recurring Orders

Select Recurring Orders from the left-hand navigation bar of your account page or go direct to to create a new order or manage your existing orders.

Create a New Recurring Order

  1. Click "Create recurring order" to begin placing your new order.
  2. Name your order series and select a linked account to populate shipping and billing information.
  3. Enter the catalog number, quantity, and reserve number, if applicable. Reserves will add up to 3 days for processing.
  4. Set shipment frequency and duration of your recurrence and provide payment details by selecting an existing purchase order (PO) number or entering a new PO number.
  5. Enter special instructions if needed, considering this can increase processing time by up to 48 hours.
  6. Add additional email recipients to receive shipping confirmations or invoices.
  7. Apply quotes or promotion numbers using the "Enter a quote or promotion" field.
  8. Select 'Submit recurring order' or 'Save draft for later'. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can share your recurring order details with coworkers who have a account.


Note: As you develop your Recurring order, the system will automatically calculate the per shipment, and total cost of your future purchases..

View Existing Recurring Orders

Review and make changes to your existing recurring orders by selecting the specific 'series' order details. Here, you can view the shipments details, edit the series name, print a copy, or share your order.

Manage existing recurring orders

  1. Select an existing recurring order and scroll to the shipments list to review the scheduled shipments and edit or cancel a shipment if it is more than 8 days before the shipment date.
  2. To make edits to shipments, select "edit" to change the shipment date or the product quantity. Once the edits are complete, be sure to select "save changes."
  3. To cancel shipments, choose "cancel" within the order details. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the cancellation. Proceed by selecting 'yes, cancel order' or select 'go back.'

If you do not see your current standing orders, in North America please contact Customer Care at or call 1-800-955-6288, option #8, ext. 46138.