Thermo Fisher Scientific has amassed a huge library of educational assets. These include application notes, handbooks and sourcebooks, webinars, white papers, how-to videos, case studies, scientific posters, product selection guides, and more.

To help you browse and locate information that may be of interest to you, we have divided our educational offering into a range of learning centers, organized by research and industrial application areas. The purpose of these learning centers is to connect scientists (whether new or experienced) to our many resources by providing a few key points of entry into the vast content.


With applications that span the drug development process—from drug discovery through large-scale commercial production—our collection of resources, including those for single-use technologies, cell culture media, purification, analytical technologies, custom services and project management will help you maximize your output.

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Learn how Thermo Scientific combines outstanding engineering and application expertise to create high-performance laboratory equipment that helps provide exceptional sample protection in a comfortable, ergonomic design. Our continuous innovation efforts are focused on developing green products with energy efficient operation and sustainable production.

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Discover the standard for quality and superior performance of a full range of lab plasticware and supplies. Protect your valuable research with pipettes, tips, bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars, and a wide range of additional products designed to advance science and your research in the lab every day.


Through the implementation of HRAM technology, hybrid instrumentation and ingenuitive workflows, MS is used to understand isotopic decay, identify novel metabolic pathways, perform drug testing, select candidate biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, and even to aid in space exploration. Learn more about MS and its many applications here.


Whether you are a microbiologist working in a hospital, pharmaceutical, food production or veterinary setting, here you’ll find resources to support your microbiology field. Included are in-depth discussion and insights from experts, articles and webinars on key topics and technical developments.


Producers of pharmaceuticals and biologics are challenged to become more efficient in discovering and developing candidate drugs while increasing manufacturing productivity and reducing costs. Advanced instrumental techniques and workflows can help to accelerate the development pipeline and optimize production processes.

Protein biology encompasses both the study of the structure and function of proteins as the primary focus of investigation and the use of antibodies, proteins and peptides as tools to purify, detect, and characterize biological systems.


Whether you're new to real-time PCR, also called quantitative PCR (qPCR), or want to learn about new applications for real-time PCR, we have the learning material, including videos and webinars, to help you understand the technology and get started quickly.


Stem cell research holds tremendous potential in the areas of developmental biology, disease modeling, and cell therapy, which all require technologies that are efficient and reproducible. This collection of resources was built to help you successfully manipulate the cell type of your choice using novel approaches such as culture, reprogramming, characterization, and differentiation.

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