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G-5 Supplement (100X) liquid

For the growth and expression of glial cells (normal and tumor) of astrocytic phenotype.

G-5 Supplement is a chemically defined, 100X concentrate of Bottenstein G-5 formulation (1). This Supplement is designed for the growth and expression of primary glial cells(astrocytes) or tumor cell lines of astrocytic phenotype(astrocytes and gliomas). It can be used for continuous cell lines. It can be used as a substitute for the G-2 Bottenstein formulation.

Components Molecular Weight Concentration (mg/L) mM
Biotin 244.0 100.0 0.40983605
Basic FGF 0.5 Infinity
EGF 1.0 Infinity
Human Transferrin 5000.0 Infinity
Insulin 500.0 Infinity
Other Components
Hydrocortisone 362.47 0.36 9.931857E-4
Selenite 173.0 0.52 0.0030057803


1. Bottenstein, J.E. (1985) Cell Culture in the Neurosciences, Bottenstein, J.E. and Harvey, A.L., editors, p. 3, Plenum Press: New York and London.

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