How do I place a DNA oligo plate order?

You can order custom DNA oligos in plates using a template that you download, complete, then upload to the Life Technologies website. 

  1. To download the template, click Download plate template here. Save the template to your computer.
  2. Open the template in Microsoft Excel. The red tab is used for 96-well plate entry and the orange tab is used for 384-well plate entry. Each tab has a completed example. You can upload multiple plates at the same time by copying the format of a plate as many times as needed.
  3. Enter the mandatory fields in the spreadsheet (Plate name, Row, Column, Oligo name, and Oligo sequence). If you want empty wells, please delete the entire row in the template instead of leaving the fields blank. You must have a minimum of 24 oligos for a 96-well plate or 192 oligos for a 384-well plate. Use the codes provided on the Instructions tab.
  4. Enter modifications to the desired sequence. Leave the field blank if not applicable. Again, use the codes provided on the Instructions tab.
  5. To add blank wells, leave the entire row of the template blank.
  6. With the Plate Order tab selected, save the file as a comma delimited (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) file using the Microsoft Excel File>Save As command.

Note: If an oligo software designer tool is used to create an upload file, set the output to a seven-column comma- or tab-delimited file. The seven columns must be listed in the following order: Plate name, Row, Column, Oligo name, 5' modification, Oligo sequence, and 3' modification. Having the actual heading name in the column is not necessary.

To upload the plate order, follow these steps:

  1. Click Upload Entry.
  2. Click Browse and select the template file to upload, then click Open.
  3. Click Upload. The screen fades out, and a message appears that says "Validating Order." The order validation process takes a moment depending on the speed of your connection. When the uploaded order has been validated, a screen listing all of the plates appears.
  4. If you uploaded the wrong file, you can click Reupload to overwrite the information with information from the new file.
  5. You can edit or remove plates with the adjacent links as required. See Plate Customization for details.
  6. When you're satisfied with your entries, click Next. This locks the oligo sequences, oligo names, and plate names.
  7. Proceed to Plate Oligo Synthesis Parameters.

Customers can use this option if they are ordering tube oligos with or without modifications, different purification and other delivery options.

  1. Select Standard or Next Day delivery from the initial screen as Basic Entry will be the default. Please keep in mind that only orders for 25nmol, desalted oligos online today ordered before 1 PM EST are eligible.
  2. Enter the mandatory fields on the following screen (Researcher and Oligo Name)
  3. Enter the Oligo sequence, synthesis scale, and purification
  4. Enter special handling options. These are the same as the Special Handling Options in the bulk DNA tube order. (NOTE:  When selecting multiple special handling options, do not leave spaces between the codes.)
  5. Add the Oligo to the cart, and repeat as necessary to complete the order.
  6. Once all Oligos have been added, you can begin the checkout process by clicking on your cart.

Please note that modifications and alternate oligos are also available from this screen and may require additional information.