How do I place a DNA tube bulk order?

If you are ordering a large quantity of tubes (up to 200), you can place your order using a template that you download, complete, then upload to the Life Technologies website. To complete the form, follow these steps:

  1. Click Download tube template. Save the template to your computer.
  2. Open the template in Microsoft Excel. The Instructions tab details how to fill out the template and provides ordering codes. Use the Tube Order tab to enter the oligo order.
  3. Enter the mandatory fields in the spreadsheet (Oligo sequence, Oligo name, Researcher Name, Synthesis scale, and Purification) on the Tube template tab. Use the codes provided on the Instructions tab.
  4. Enter modifications to the desired sequence. Leave the field blank if not applicable. Again, use the codes provided under the Instructions tab.
  5. Enter special handling options. These are the same as the Special Handling Options in the basic DNA tube order. (Note: When selecting multiple special handling options, do not leave spaces between the codes.)
  6. With the Tube Order tab selected, save the file as a comma delimited (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) file using the Microsoft Excel File>Save As command.

*Note: May not be applicable in all countries