How do I pool plate oligos?

After uploading the completed template, choose Volume and Concentration Normalization when going through the Customize Order procedure. Choose the volume and concentration for the parent plate in the appropriate fields under the Normalization heading.

Select the type of pooling desired:

  1. First half/second half: the first half of the plate is pooled with the second half of the plate.
  2. Odd/Even: plate 1 is pooled with plate 2, plate 3 is pooled with plate 4, and so on.
  3. Custom Pooling: select each individual plate and choose the pooling combination.
    a. Enter a name for the pooled plate.
    b. Enter the volume to be taken from each plate for pooling. For example, if you put 10 ul, then 10 ul would be taken from plate 1 and 10 ul from plate 2 into a new pooled plate, which would contain 20 ul total. Keep in mind that the concentration that you set above is halved in the pooled plate. If the parent plate is set to 50 uM, then the final concentration in the pooled plate is 25 uM (of each primer) or 50 uM of total primer.
    c. Select the plates to be pooled.
    d. Click Add.