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CopyCaller® Software v2.1

Applied Biosystems® CopyCaller® Software simplifies the analysis of copy number data from real-time PCR experiments using TaqMan® Copy Number Assays. Raw data are collected and relative quantitation analysis is performed with CopyCaller® Software to determine the copy number of each genomic DNA target.

CopyCaller® Software does the following:

  • Performs copy number analysis with or without a known calibrator sample
  • Reports data analysis details, including confidence in copy number calls
  • Displays data in table and graphic formats
  • Simultaneously analyzes and shows data from multiple experiments

The updated version of CopyCaller® Software, version 2.1, has been released for download.

Updated content includes:

Additional instrument compatibility 
CopyCaller® Software v2.1 can import copy number assay results files generated using QuantStudio® 6, 7, and 12K Flex Systems.

Additional analysis capability 
CopyCaller® Software v2.1 can analyze data generated by the Crt “relative threshold” method (available on QuantStudio® 6, 7, and 12K Flex Systems and ViiA 7™ Real-Time PCR System) in addition to the Ct “baseline threshold” method.

Note: Minor bug fixes were also implemented. A complete list of features and fixes can be found in the Read Me file.

PC    Download        CopyCaller™ Software v2.1    264 MB        Read Me | User Guide

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.