Release Notes: 22 Feb 2016 (REV 32044)

Announcing EVOS FL Auto Software Revision 1.7

Version 1.7 fixes a few bugs related to focus, Z-stack and scan-modes. It also introduces a new autofocus algorithm, addition of a “Quick Scan” option, and an ability to zoom in on multi-vessel maps, including the Fluidigm C1 chip, for easier and more accurate focus beacon placements. Among new features is also an algorithm that reduces vignetting using the color camera. The scale bar has been enhanced with color- and end-bar options and the ability to directly measure tile-stitched images.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software.

New features

Image acquisition, analysis, and review

  • The autofocus algorithm was optimized, resulting in a faster and more accurate autofocus mechanism.
  • A “Quick Scan” button was added. When pressed it captures an image at the center of each well of the selected well plate. Each image is saved according to the Quick Save settings.
  • Enabling calibration of the X, Y and Z positions of Fluidigm C1 and C1 HT chips, automatic placement of image capture beacons at all cell capture sites, the ability to zoom in on the vessel map and select/de-select beacon placements and to run the vessels in either scan or time-lapse modes. Note that the 800 capture sites of the C1 HT chip must be imaged by two separate scans of the 400 sites on the left and right sectors, respectively.

Scan Mode

  • A background correction option for color image scans was added. When enabled the vignetting at the corners of the image is estimated at the beginning of the scan and the corresponding correction is applied to each image. The result is reduced vignetting with the color camera. The impact of the background correction is most noticeable in scan-mode.
  • The scale bar function was enhanced with options for a black or white scale bar, a toggle of the length and end-bar displays. The display of the scale-bar in zoomed images was also improved.
  • The ability to measure images captured in “Scan mode” was added.
  • Scanned images are now shown with pseudo-coloring turned on rather than in black and white.
  • A function was added to enable zooming in on multi-well vessel maps for more accurate well selection.

Bug fixes

General bug fixes

  • A bug that potentially impacted white-balance was corrected.

Focus-related bug fixes

  • Correction of a problem with Capture Focus Nominal for the Cy®5.5 cube.

Z-stack-related bug fixes

  • The Z-stack code has been revised to include capture of the focus-nominal position. The saved file has the text “NOMINAL” appended to the file name.

Scan mode-related bug fixes

  • A bug with editing beacon locations in a previous created scan routine has been fixed; the edited locations are now used.
  • A bug that risked causing failures in when acquiring images in “Scan mode” with the color camera has been corrected.

Important notice about software v1.7 (REV 32044)

Some defects were discovered in software v.1.7 (REV 32044) post release, including the algorithms for calibration and autofocus using coverslip-corrected objectives. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on fixing the bugs. Until a robust version is available, we recommend that users who experience problems revert to v1.6 (downloadable using the link below).

v1.6 Software (REV 31201)

Download v1.6 (29.9 MB)

Important installation instructions

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 200 MB available space.
  2. Right-click “Download” link for Software Update.
  3. Select “Save Link as”.
    NOTE FOR INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .amg
  4. Select USB Drive and press Save (File name should have an .amg extension).
  5. Plug USB flash drive into EVOS FL Auto computer.
  6. Click System tab in EVOS FL Auto software, and then select the Service tab.
  7. Click Update Software in the Service tab. A verification progress bar should appear.
  8. After file verification, an update permission dialog will pop up.
  9. Check the revision details and click Yes to start the update.
  10. A Windows™ OS Setup dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with software update.
  11. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, the Windows™ desktop will appear. Click the EVOS FL Auto icon to start the software.