Release Notes: 23 June 2014 (REV 31201)

Announcing EVOS® FL Auto Software Revision 1.6

Revision 1.6 fixes several general bugs, as well as bugs that impacted acquisition in Z-stack, scan, and time-lapse modes. It also introduces new and enhanced features, including visualization tools, objective calibration, and an Auto Find function for Time-Lapse that improve the performance of the EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software.

New features


  • Long objective names now visible.
  • File browser improvements to allow faster navigation through folder structures containing large numbers of high-resolution images.
  • New icons for easier identification of files and folders throughout the file browser.
  • Metadata now includes the full name of the objective used; e.g., "AMG, 4x Plan PH (AMEP 4632)"

Objective calibration

  • Calibration of cover slip correct objectives with cover slip facing down enabled.
  • Added ability to change size of circle used for spatial calibration.

Image acquisition, analysis, and review

  • Improved Time-Lapse algorithm: channels with no auto-focusing option selected (Auto Find or Auto Fine) are imaged after channels which do have focus options using the focus point from Auto Fine.
  • Light turns off between image captures during Auto-Fine autofocus in Time-Lapse and Scan.
  • A warning is given for very large files before loading them in the time lapse and image review tabs.


  • Added Auto Find option to Time-Lapse to improve range of autofocus capabilities.
  • Beacon locations are saved as part of the time lapse routine file and can be re-loaded when editing or running a time-lapse routine.

Cell counting

  • A new circularity slider is available for cell counting, located on the Image > Edit > Auto Count tab.


  • Export scans as very high-resolution images with tens of thousands of pixels on a side, including support for very tall and wide images, up to approximately 700 million pixels in area.


  • Improved user interface for setting and reviewing the top, bottom, and focus nominal locations in Z-stacks.

Visualization tools

  • Pseudocoloring
    Turning pseudocoloring on/off in the Lighting/camera dialog will affect all fluorescence channels instead of just the current active channel.
  • Time-Lapse movies
    Apply brightness and contrast adjustments per channel (filter cube). Create movies using the brightness and contrast adjusted channel data.
    Saving an image from the Time-Lapse movie viewers will allow user to save both the composite image and individual images used in creating the composite.
    Pseudocoloring of images uses existing image pseudo coloring settings, reverting to filter cube default values if pseudocoloring was deactivated.

Onstage incubator

  • Added 24 hour delay option for incubator shutdown. Options are now 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours.
  • Refined water heater monitoring and adjustments that are triggered immediately when the chamber is enabled, the humidity checking is turned on and during a time lapse, when new scene values are set.

Bug fixes

General bug fixes

  • Local administrator rights no longer required to run the software; this was preventing users in the "Power Users" group from using the software.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate files or folders would sometimes appear in the file browser.
  • Last file/folder location will now be default on restart.
  • No longer possible to inadvertently delete the file extension during renaming (Image::Review / Scan::Review (Rename), making the file inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbnail of a recently saved image would not appear in the file browser.
  • Existing beacons are now loaded automatically when running or editing a scan.
  • Fixed an issue where two image scans would display incorrectly when loaded from the .sti file.
  • Fixed an issue where the monochrome camera could become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phase Contrast option was not available in the Transfection tool if all four channels were populated by Light Cubes.
  • Fixed an issue where Actual Mode light and camera controls would not reflect the current state of the system until manually adjusted.
  • ”Clear All Channels” button now clears overlaid images from the main image area for all tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a USB drive could clear the active image from the screen.
  • An attempt to open an invalid video file will now activate a screen message.

Objective calibration bug fixes

  • Calibration tool now allows user to go back to the previous step at any point in the process.
  • Fixed an issue where the calibration tool would occasionally activate autofocus on its own.

Z-stack bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Z-stack error could cause the software to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the Z nominal value would be copied to the Z bottom field when the ‘back’ button was used to return to the setup page.
  • Fixed an issue in Time Lapse where images with multiple channels would sometimes incorrectly move some channels out of focus.

Scan bug fixes

  • On attempts to save scans greater than 4 GB to a FAT32 formatted drive, an error is shown and the user is asked to choose another save location (FAT32 formatting does not support files larger than 4 GB).
  • Corrected a problem with Cell Counting using .tiff images loaded from file.

Time-lapse bug fixes

  • Updated beacon information is now saved to the time lapse routine file when:
    a. Beacons are loaded and updated while running an existing time lapse routine.
    b. Time-lapse is paused and beacons updated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Z-axis could move to an invalid location at the end of a Time Lapse with no Z-stacks.
  • Improved time estimate for a time lapse using the "Capture One Frame Only" feature.
  • Autofocus channel selection now takes into account any changes made in capture channel selection.
  • Time-Lapse setup now prompts when beacons are loaded from a routine with different channel configuration.
  • Corrects a time formatting inconsistency in the display of Time Remaining in Time Lapse.
  • Fixed an issue with .tiff not working properly in Time Lapse.
  • Corrects failure to properly display folder contents using the Time Lapse Wizard contents and the Time Lapse Finish button if the USB drive was removed.

Visualization tools

  • Fixed a problem where the Time-Lapse movie playback would not stop on leaving the page.

Software Update (REV 31201)

Download update (29.9 MB)

Important installation instructions

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 200 MB available space.
  2. Right-click “Download” link for Software Update.
  3. Select “Save Link as”.
    NOTE FOR INTERNET EXPLORER® BROWSER USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .amg
  4. Select USB Drive and press Save (File name should have an .amg extension).
  5. Plug USB flash drive into EVOS® FL Auto computer.
  6. Click System tab in EVOS® FL Auto software, and then select the Service tab.
  7. Click Update Software in the Service tab. A verification progress bar should appear.
  8. After file verification, an update permission dialog will pop up.
  9. Check the revision details and click Yes to start the update.
  10. A Windows® OS Setup dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with software update.
  11. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, the Windows® desktop will appear. Click the EVOS® FL Auto icon to start the software.