Applied Biosystems TaqMan Genotyper Software is a free SNP genotyping data analysis tool for use with TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays (Pre-Designed, Custom & DME) in combination with 48-, 96- & 384-well microtiter plates, and OpenArray Genotyping Plates. The software showcases a state-of-the-art genotype calling algorithm, an intuitive user interface, and enhanced multi-plate analysis features to meet the requirements of emerging markets and future research.

Key product features:

  • Accurate—new genotyping algorithm improves accuracy in automated genotype calling
  • Efficient—provides multiplate data analysis for high-throughput workflows
  • Flexible—allows for editing or removal of plates or individual data points
  • Versatile—allows the use of controls and reference panels for accurate genotype calling
  • Comprehensive—includes quality control tools for troubleshooting your experiments

Improved accuracy in automated genotype calling
TaqMan Genotyper Software gives you the option of using user-definable boundaries for data analysis or an improved algorithmic approach to automatically assign a genotype.  If the Autocalling option is used for analysis, the software automatically analyzes the data and displays the data for each assay in a scatter plot that is color-coded by genotype calls.  Classification schemes allow you to set linear boundaries to define regions associated with each genotype call category (i.e. homozygote regions, heterozygote region, and undetermined region).  The software enables identification and utilization of various controls and reference data panels to influence genotype calls. TaqMan Genotyper Software also allows editing autocalled genotypes by selecting the data point and changing the call either in the plot view or data table.  Outliers can be easily omitted from the analysis and reinstated if needed.

Versatile export of genotyping data
TaqMan Genotyper Software allows the use of controls and reference panels for accurate genotype calling. Data can be analyzed from a number of Applied Biosystems platforms. The software allows use of both real-time and end-point data files for data analysis. TaqMan Genotyper Software enables easy integration of genotype calls with sample and assay related information for downstream analysis and data management.

Comprehensive quality control tools
The quality control features include user defined quality control settings, plate visualizations, flags for possible low-quality data conditions and bookmarking for easy troubleshooting. These features help simplify reviewing results and keeping track of data review progress. TaqMan Genotyper Software provides security and auditing functions and control of access to software functions by user role.

TaqMan Genotyper Software can be downloaded here and installed on a PC running the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The software stores data from each study to an individual file which can easily be accessed, transferred and archived; it does not require a database application.

Software installs
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