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Getting Started

Navigate to Administration->Configuration->Mascot and type in the name of the Mascot server in the Mascot Server URL field. It also recommended to run the Mascot Communication Tester from the Tools menu to confirm that the connection has been made.

Administration → Configuration → Sequest

Set Workload level to

  • “Automatic - True” for Sequest HT to perform as many parallel tasks as there are available cores
  • “Automatic – False” - then you can define the number of parallel tasks.

By default, PD allows simultaneous processing of 1 PWF and 1 CWF. If your hardware is powerful enough, you may increase this number.

Go to Administration → Configuration → Server Settings. Define the new values under “Parallel Job Execution."

Powerful Processing PC

Critical features:

  • SSD drive for OS as well as separate SSD data drive (2 TB recommended)
  • 64 GB memory
  • Intel Xeon processors

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