One resource for all your protein expression support needs. Navigate through the various support categories below to obtain relevant technical information, view tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday problems related to protein expression.

Protein Expression Basics Support
View our tips and troubleshooting suggestions for your protein expression experiment from determining a host system to obtaining the highest expression levels.  Find useful resources for the various expression systems we offer. 

Reporter & Specialty Vectors for Mammalian Expression Support
Obtain expert advice for working with reporter vectors containing Cycle 3 GFP, EmGFP, or Lumio tags, to express fusion proteins. Also browse through our technical support content on specialty vectors designed for specific applications.

Mammalian Expression for Membrane Protein Production Support
Find technical tips and help when trying to express functional membrane proteins.  Get detailed information and resources pertaining to Membrane Pro™ systems to optimize your protein expression for the highest yield.


Adenoviral Gene Delivery for Mammalian Expression Support
Find useful technical resources and FAQs to produce your recombinant adenoviral construct for high-level expression in any mammalian cell type using our ViraPower™ Adenoviral Expression System. Find tips and troubleshooting help for each step of your experiment including cloning, adenovirus production, viral titering, transduction and analysis of expression.

Bacterial Expression Support
Obtain technical support on your E. coli expression system from producing the highest levels of protein to regulating expression of toxic proteins. Get helpful tips on determining the best competent cells to use for your bacterial expression experiment.

Yeast Expression Support
Find useful resources and expert advice about scalable recombinant protein expression in yeast systems, including Pichia pastorisPichiaPink™, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Optimize your experiments by learning about yeast strains, transformation, expression, and yeast media.

Basic Mammalian Expression Support
Find information on constitutive, inducible (T-Rex™, Flp-In™, GeneSwitch™ systems), and targeted (Flp-In™, Jump-In™ system) mammalian expression, including how to perform a kill curve, antibiotic selection, and transient versus stable expression.

Mammalian Expression for High Yield Protein Production Support
Get tips and help for rapid and high yield production of proteins in a mammalian expression system. Find technical content on transient expression using the Expi293™or FreeStyle™ system, or stable expression using the Freedom® DG44 system.

Lentiviral Gene Delivery for Mammalian Expression Support
Browse through our resources, tips and troubleshooting advice to successfully integrate your gene of interest into your target cell’s genome for inducible or constitutive expression through lentiviral delivery, using our ViraPower™ Lentiviral Expression Systems.  Obtain detailed information on every step of the workflow. 

Cell-Free Expression Support
Discover the advantages of using a cell-free system for in vitro protein expression, including expression of soluble membrane proteins.  Browse our technical content pages for pertinent resources and FAQs regarding the Expressway™ and MembraneMax™ systems to product high yields of full-length functional protein.

Insect Expression Support
Whether working with the Bac-to-bac, Baculodirect, or Bac-and-Blue baculovirus expression system, find the help you are looking for. Express functional recombinant proteins at high levels, with the option for post-translational modification and suspension cultures.

Algae Expression Support
Find useful information regarding your algae expression system including: Chlamydomonas and Synechococcus systems. Access our FAQs to optimize your experiments for high levels of protein expression. 

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