If you are registered on appliedbiosystems.com:

On the date of your transition (you’ll receive an email of this date) your appliedbiosystems.com account information will transfer to lifetechnologies.com*.

When you sign in to appliedbiosystems.com on the date of your transition you’ll see a series of prompts to complete the transfer of your online account to lifetechnologies.com. Once that transfer is complete, you’ll be able to place all your orders on lifetechnologies.com.

All of your account information will transfer including order history, shopping cart content, billing and shipping information, and your favorites list.

*If you also have an invitrogen.com account, that information will combine with your appliedbiosystems.com account information at the time of transfer to Life Technologies. You will be prompted for your invitrogen.com username at the time of transfer of your appliedbiosystems.com account.

If you order through phone, fax, and/or email:

On the date of your transition (you’ll receive an email of this date) please ensure that your purchase orders are addressed to Life Technologies Corporation.

Continue to phone, fax, and/or email your orders as you do today.

Start going to www.lifetechnologies.com instead of www.appliedbiosystems.com today and learn more about how we’ve improved our website.

Contact us at 1-800-955-6288 ext. 46142 or transitiontolife@lifetech.com if you have any questions about your transition. We value you as a Life Technologies customer and look forward to providing you with outstanding products, services, and support.