Anatomical Pathology Information

After Dec. 28, 2020, anatomical pathology products will no longer be available on

On June 28, 2019, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced that it had completed the sale of its anatomical pathology business to PHC Holdings Corporation, which will sell the products under its new Epredia™ brand.

The list of former Thermo Fisher Scientific products involved in this transaction include: Thermo Scientific Revos and Excelsior tissue processors; Thermo Scientific Microm HM Series microtomes, NX Series Cryostats, and Ultra Blades; Thermo Scientific Gemini and Autostainer staining platforms; Thermo Scientific Shandon, Richard-Allan Scientific, and Labvision stains, reagents, and antibodies; Thermo Scientific Arcos and ArcosSL archiving systems; and a wide variety of Thermo Scientific Menzel-Gläser and Thermo Scientific Erie Scientific microscope slides and coverglass.

While the labels on these products may change in appearance and branding, product performance should not be affected. After Dec. 28, 2020 these products will be directly available through Epredia and through the Thermo Scientific Authorized Distributors from whom you may have purchased these products previously.

Please visit to explore Epredia products from specimen collection to processing, sectioning to staining, advanced imaging to archiving.

If you are unable to locate a specific product, please contact Epredia.