photo of a Molecular Probes product box

Invitrogen Molecular Probes  product brands are designed for many applications and platforms including Alexa Fluor dyes, Qdot nanocrystals, Click-iT Detection assays, Prolong antifade reagents and more.

Fluorescence Microscopy

We offer the best Molecular Probes products and experience to help you get the most from your fluorescence imaging and immunofluorescence experiments.


We have reagents, kits  & instruments validated for flow cytometry, including Qdot primary antibodiy conjugates, assays for apoptosis, cell proliferation, and fixable cell viability stains.

Cell Viability
and Function

These products provide you with the tools you need to monitor a diverse array of physiological & morphological parameters including apoptosis, cell health, cell cycle, cell proliferation, and more.

Labeling & Detection

These products allow you  to fluorescently label antibodies, proteins and other molecules for sensitive detection. We also offer labeled bioconjugates, antibodies, lectins, and more for your cellular analysis experiments.


We offer instruments to streamline your experiments that will help you save time and money without sacrificing accuracy.

Microplate Assays
Microplate Reader Assays

We offer a diverse array of assays for microplate readers that allow you to quantitate and accurately measure cell health and enzyme activity.

Fluorescence SpectraViewer