New features and functions built into UniMatch® PLUS Software Version make HLA SSP typing analysis simpler and faster than ever before.

UniMatch® PLUS Software is for use with AllSet+™  Gold and UniTray®  SSP HLA typing kits.

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New features and functions included in UniMatch® PLUS Software:

New feature


Common and Well Documented Allele Sorting and Filtering

Proprietary algorithms indicate results that contain Common and Well Documented (CWD) alleles. Results are sorted based on this CWD allele information.
Allele strings containing CWD alleles are indicated in several ways for easy recognition and sorting.

New Reporting Options

New options for customizing and shortening reports.

  • Decrease the report length by separating results by loci.
  • Filter results based on the CWD alleles.

Improved Optional Allele Display

The ability to view or hide optional alleles -- alleles that are not part of the targeted loci, and are not necessary for the pattern.

New Single False Functionality:

  • Lane Selector
  • Allele Search

New functions to filter, sort, search, and double check results.

More Simulated Gel Images

Centipede, Electrofast, and both formats of 96 well e-Gel gels are now visible on screen in a simulated gel image format.