This year, our scientists presented 14 posters at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in San Diego. The poster topics covered a broad range of genetic analysis topics from next-generation sequencing to digital PCR. Learn about each poster and download your free copies by completing the brief form below.

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 Cell-based analysis of oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and lipid peroxidation-derived protein modifications using fluorescence microscopy
 Simultaneous detection of KRAS and TP53 mutations in human cancer cell lines using multiplex qPCR
 Detection of SMAD4, MAP2K4, RB1, and CDKN2A gene deletions in human tumor cells by multiplex qPCR
 Quantitation of HER2 gene amplification using digital PCR
 Development of a standard operating procedure for exosome isolation and analysis using clinical samples: Application to cancer biomarker discovery
 Rapid drug target ranking system developed from a systematic analysis of cancer genomic data from the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase identifies an oncogenic role for the NFE2L2 pathway in multiple cancer types
 In-depth gene expression profiling of seminomatous testicular germ cell tumors
 Gene expression profiling of a single laser capture microdissected (LCM) cell
 Whole transcriptome analysis of testicular germ cell tumors
 Hotspot mutation and fusion transcript detection from the same non-small lung adenocarcinoma sample
 Rapid assessment of AM: genes for mutation detection and copy number variation
 GFP compatibility with EdU cell proliferation assay
 MicroRNA profiling in serum samples from donors with germ cell cancer
 Accurate quantitation of micro RNA by chip-based digital PCR
 The OncoNetwork Consortium: a global collaborative research study on the development and verification of an Ion AmpliSeq RNA gene lung fusion panel