When DNA analysis yields no profile or an incomplete profile, your case can go unsolved. For compromised samples this is far too common. Now with the world's first commercially available miniSTR kit, cold cases can come off the shelf for re-analysis and new, challenging cases have a better chance of being solved.

When used in conjunction with other trusted solutions from Applied Biosystems, the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplificaton Kit provides you with the best chance to obtain a DNA profile from compromised samples like:

  • Bone
  • Hair
  • Swabs
  • Old stains
  • Touch DNA

"This technology will enable us to obtain results from samples that previously yielded limited or no genetic data. Ultimately, MiniFiler™ Kit will allow us to make identifications of human remains and solve crimes that would not have been possible with currently available systems."

— Dr. Arthur Eisenberg, Professor, Department of Pathology and Anatomy and Director, University of North Texas System Center for Human Identification, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth