"This technology will enable us to obtain results from samples that previously yielded limited or no genetic data. Ultimately, the MiniFiler™ Kit will allow us to make identifications of human remains and solve crimes that would not have been possible with currently available systems."

— Dr. Arthur Eisenberg, Professor, Department of Pathology and Anatomy and Director, University of North Texas System Center for Human Identification, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

"Using their 5-dye chemistry and mobility modifier technology, Applied Biosystems has developed a miniSTR kit capable of amplifying 8 core STR loci and amelogenin with reduced PCR product sizes relative to current commercial kits. This kit, which includes an improved PCR master mix, should greatly aid efforts to recover results from degraded DNA samples."

From MiniSTRs: Past, Present and Future By John M. Butler, National Institute of Standards and Technology