We have a diverse array of highly specific antibodies for neuroscience research that have been validated for multiple applications, including protein targets important in the study of glia, protein trafficking, neurogenesis, axon guidance, dendrite development, neuronal migration, growth factors, neuromuscular junction, neurotrophins, apoptosis, and synaptogenesis.

We offer a diverse collection of Molecular Probes® products for imaging and dissecting neural networks and their functions, including neuronal tracers and  neural anatomy and function probes. These dyes and stains are available in array fluorescent colors,giving you the flexibility to design your fluorescence imaging experiments.

Our Invitrogen™ branded products offer a broad technology platform for studying neural stem cells (NSC), providing you with innovative solutions that help enhance basic research and guide therapeutic discovery. These include neural stem cell antibodies, cell lines, media and reagents as well as neural stem cell growth factors and cytokines.


Partner with us to scale-up your process or product development pipeline with bulk quantities of high-quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals. We offer a variety of compounds, devices, and resins for your large-scale applications.  

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