Antibodies for flow cytometry

Search our extensive portfolio of Invitrogen antibodies to find the antibody that you need. Now available:

  • >10,000 antibodies for flow cytometry, including Invitrogen eBioscience conjugates
  • Over 30 fluorophores available, including the eBioscience Super Bright fluorophores, for maximal flexibility in flow cytometry panel designs
  • Improved antibody search experience for simplified antibody selection

Download the Immune Cell Guide

Primary Antibodies reference component

Want to know more? Helpful tools, resources and references

Online tool: SpectraViewer

  • Online tool for every experience level
  • Quickly and easily visualize your fluorophore’s excitation and emission spectra
  • Overlay your excitation laser line and detection filter onto the fluorophore spectra
  • View multiple spectra and filters simultaneously

Web reference: Fluorophore selection

  • Ideal reference for beginners
  • Read about a fluorophore’s basic characteristics
  • Understand the considerations when working with it in your research

Web reference: Fluorophore selection by laser

  • Ideal reference for beginner or intermediate users
  • Reference tables with basic information pertinent to fluorophores used in flow cytometry, including Ex/Em and relative intensity
  • Fluorophores listed by laser excitation

Brochure: Immune Cell Guide

  • Helpful guide for every experience level
  • Download the guide to identify useful, cell type–specific markers
  • Quick reference tables listing CD and non-CD markers for both human and mouse
  • Tables include antigen distribution, function, and alternate names

Brochure: Intracellular Flow Cytometry

  • Ideal for anyone needing guidance staining cells
  • Detailed information about:
    • Non-nuclear intracellular staining
    • Nuclear and transcription factor antibodies
    • Intracellular staining buffer selection
    • Clone compatibility following fixation and permeabilization
    • Intracellular antibody staining protocols
    • Phosphospecific flow cytometry
    • Gene expression profiling by flow cytometry

Web reference: Flow cytometry protocols

  • Online collection of general protocols for:
    • Cell preparation
    • Red blood cell lysis
    • Cell surface and intracellular staining
    • Viability staining protocols
  • Online collection of product-specific protocols, including protocols for:
    • OneComp and UltraComp Compensation Beads
    • LIVE/DEAD Fixable Dead Cell Stains
    • CellTrace Cell Proliferation Kits
    • Annexin V staining

Article: Flow Cytometry Panel Design–The Basics

  • Ideal read for anyone new to designing flow cytometry panels
  • Learn the key points to consider when designing a flow cytometry panel
  • Key literature references about panel design cited

Web reference: Optimized flow cytometry multiplex panels

  • Useful for all experience levels
  • Learn about optimized multicolor immunofluorescence panels (OMIPs)
  • Search existing published flow cytometry panels
  • Leverage a published panel to save time

Webinar: Basics of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Panel Design

  • Ideal for beginners, 1-hour run time
  • Presented by Dr. Holden T. Maecker of Stanford University, discusses the caveats of good panel design including:
    • Examples and practical applications
    • Controls and standardization
    • Relevance of panel design to mass cytometry platforms

Online product selection: Antibody and protein labeling kits

  • Product selection resource for researchers needing to label their own antibody
  • Quick selection of the various antibody labeling methods
  • Identify the product you need based on labeling chemistry desired (traditional or site-specific) and amount of material to be labeled
  • Includes links to product areas

Custom services: Antibody labeling

  • For researchers who want to have their antibody labeled for  them
  • Complete the online form to start the process

Product commitment: Antibody validation*

  • Antibody performance testing methods
  • Watch videos about antibody validation the antibody reproducibility crisis
  • Learn about efforts from the research community to develop and implement standards for antibody validation

Product commitment: Antibody performance

  • Purchase with confidence with our antibody performance guarantee**

*The use or any variation of the word “validation” refers only to research use antibodies that were subject to functional testing to confirm that the antibody can be used with the research techniques indicated. It does not ensure that the product(s) was validated for clinical or diagnostic uses.

**Terms and conditions apply. For complete details, go to

Web reference: Flow Cytometry Learning Center

  • Designed for all experience levels
  • Learning center houses flow cytometry asset collections, useful for anyone running flow cytometry experiments who wants to learn more or to teach others
  • Links to all resources within the collections

Web reference: eLearning courses

  • Ideal for researchers who want to learn or refresh their knowledge
  • T Cell Stimulation and Proliferation eLearning course available
  • Growing list of eLearning courses
  • Registration required to view full content

Web reference: Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence for Flow Cytometry

  • Ideal for researchers who want to learn the basics of flow cytometry or teach others
  • Included topic: how a flow cytometer works
  • School of Fluorescence for Flow Cytometry will expand as additional flow cytometry modules are completed

Web reference: Flow Cytometry Support Center

  • Useful for all researchers
  • Valuable “Getting Started” and “Troubleshooting” information
  • Quick answers to basic questions (FAQs)
  • Example of included “Getting Started” answers to basic questions for flow cytometry analysis:
    • How do I titrate an antibody?
    • What should I use to block my cells?
    • Why should I worry about compensation?