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Find a diverse array of flow cytometry-validated reagents and kits for analyzing apoptosis, cell viability, cell cycle and cell proliferation, including the new CellTrace™ Reagents for Flow Cytometry, LIVE/DEAD® Fixable and SYTOX® Dead Cell Stains.

Apoptosis assays for flow cytometry

flow cytometry scatter plot showing immunophontyping data  

Cell death cascades are complex and dynamic, underscoring the importance of a multi-parametric approach to apoptosis detection.

  • Plasma membrane assays
  • Mitochondrial assays
  • Caspase assays
  • Nuclear apoptosis assays

Cell cycle assays for flow cytometry

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We offer a series of fluorescent dyes to allow accurate cell cycle analysis in either live or fixed cell populations.

  • Live cell cycle assays
  • Fixed cell cycle assays

Cell proliferation assays for flow cytometry

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Cell proliferation assays are a series of fluorescence-based tests that can monitor cell health and cell division.

  • DNA synthesis measurement assays
  • Dye dilution assays for cell proliferation

Cell viability assays for flow cytometry

section of flow cytometry scatter plot showing both live and dead cell populations  

Removing dead cells from your flow cytometry data is a critical step to ensure accurate results and analysis.

  • Fixable viability dyes
  • Nonfixable viability dyes
  • Bacterial and yeast viability and vitality assays


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