Heat inactivated serum of the highest quality from the brand most trusted by scientists worldwide.

  • Heated for 30 minutes at 56°C with mixing to inactivate complement
  • Heat inactivated serum is especially suited for immunological work

Heat Inactivated Certified FBS

HI Certified FBS undergoes the same special biochemical and hormonal profile and bacterial testing as Certified FBS.

  • Guaranteed lowest level of endotoxin ≤5 EU/ml 
  • Hemoglobin ≤10 mg/dl

In addition to HI fetal bovine serum, heat inactivated new born calf serum, bovine serum and horse serum are also available.

Heat Inactivated Qualified FBS

HI Qualified FBS has the same endotoxin and hemoglobin profile as Qualified FBS.

  • Endotoxin level varies by origin (levels routinely less than 10 EU/ml)
  • Hemoglobin level varies by origin (levels routinely less than 25 mg/dl)