Making a gene or genetic elements can be done through cloning with TOPO® technology, constructing the gene with the GeneArt® Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit or purchasing an optimized GeneArt® gene. TOPO® cloning is the ideal solution for the researcher who needs to clone genes with a high cloning efficiency. The GeneArt® seamless cloning allows a researcher to clone up to 4 fragments directly into any vector of their choice with high efficiency in a 30 minute bench-top cloning reaction. GeneArt® Optimized Genes are the most complete solution for customers, providing what they need with a minimum of hand-on time.

GeneArt® Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kits work great together with GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments. This new service offers custom-made DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp ready for cloning and assembly and delivered in only 5-7 business days.

  Quick & simple cloning when constructing a gene The highest efficiency, direct cloning technology available today Custom optimized gene, 100% accurate, no limitation in sequence design
TOPO® Cloning
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GeneArt® Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit & GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments
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GeneArt® Optimized Genes
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Key Features Fastest cloning method with high efficiency into a cloning vector Can clone up to 4 fragments into any vector without additional sequence Full service that delivers validated Genes with improved expression yields, no limitation in sequence design
Time spent cloning 5 minutes 30 minutes No hands-on time required at all
Maximum Number of Fragments 1 4 Service can deliver length of 20kb and more
Cloning Efficiency 95% 90% (single fragment);
75% (4 fragments)
Service can deliver length of >20kb
Time to Clone Multiple Fragments N/A 1–3 days 6–15 days to receive clones ready for use
Improvement of expression yields N/A N/A Up to 100%
Webtool for oligo and construct design N/A Free! Free!
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