Peptides for Targeted Quantitation

Selected or multiple reaction monitoring (SRM/MRM) are methods of absolute quantitation (also termed AQUA) in targeted proteomics, whereby a complex sample is spiked with a stable isotope-labeled peptide that acts as internal standard. Heavy peptides for each target must be synthesized and evaluated for suitability. Low-cost crude peptides are generally adequate for targeted assay development. Peptide libraries and quality standards thus identified can then be synthesized at AQUA purity for SRM assays.

Targeted peptide features:

  • Versatility—different peptide grades and turnaround times
  • Accuracy—HeavyPeptide™ AQUA Custom peptides provide concentration precision for quantitation of proteins at very low concentrations.
  • Quality—stable isotope standards (SIS) have >99% isotopic purity
  • Flexibility—multiple formats are available in both heavy or standard amino acid options
  • Compatibility—optimized for use with Thermo Scientific LC-MS platforms with data analysis fully supported by Pinpoint 1.4

Compare targeted peptide libraries

  PepoTec™ SRM Peptide Libraries HeavyPeptide™ AQUA Basic HeavyPeptide™ AQUA QuantPro HeavyPeptide™ AQUA Ultimate
Research stage Discovery Discovery, confirmation, or validation Confirmation or validation Validation or clinical
Grades 3 1 1 1
Standard (“light”) versions available

Description Grade 1 (fast and easy), grade 2 (greater analysis), or grade 3 (maximum assurance) AQUA Basic AQUA QuantPro AQUA Ultimate
Formulation >0.1 mg in 0.1% TFA in 50% (v/v) acetonitrile/H2O Lyophilized  5 pmol/µL in 5%
(v/v) acetonitrile /H2O
5 pmol/µL in 5%
(v/v) acetonitrile
Concentration Specification (using AAA) NA NA ±10–25% ±5–10%
Purity Crude >95% >97% >97%
QC MS check or MS analysis MS & analytical HPLC, AAA MS & analytical HPLC, AAA MS & analytical HPLC, AAA
Estimated Delivery Time 2–3 weeks 3–6-weeks 3–6-weeks 3–6-weeks