Sulfhydryl-specific crosslinking reagents use maleimide or pyridyldithiol reactive groups for the selective covalent conjugation of protein and peptide thiols (reduced cysteines). These groups form stable thioether bonds, and are available in short, long, cleavable, and membrane permeable varieties.  

We also offer BM(PEG)n crosslinkers at either end of a PEG2 or PEG3 spacer. PEG spacers provide unique advantages, including enhanced solubility, increased stability, reduced aggregation, and reduced immunogenicity. 

Reactive group Products Spacer Arm (Å) Cleavable? Water-soluble? Membrane permeable?
Maleimide BMOE 8.0  Short No No Yes
BMB 10.9 Mid No No Yes
BMH 13.9 Long No No Yes
TMEA (trifunctional) 10.3 Mid No No Yes
BM(PEG)2 14.7 Long No Yes No
BM(PEG)3 17.8 Long No Yes No
DTME 13.3 Long Yes, thiol No Yes