You Will Rock with These Sample Preparation Tools and Support

Isolation of your DNA, RNA, or protein is an integral step in your journey toward results. It’s a journey that demands certainty, and certainty comes from knowing you’ve chosen the right tools. Researchers worldwide choose Invitrogen sample preparation solutions for accurate, reliable performance—and the freedom that comes with confidence.

RNA isolation

For every application, sample, and RNA type. Our scientists have developed innovative Invitrogen RNA research products that make your job as a scientist a little easier.

RNA essentials

Our kits and reagents offer a comprehensive selection of products to help maximize confidence in your results.

Genomic DNA isolation

A range of Invitrogen genomic DNA extraction kits for sensitive, scalable purification from a variety of starting materials to maximize downstream performance.

Plasmid isolation

Isolate plasmid DNA at the purity and scale you need, with our range of plasmid isolation kits.

PCR clean-up

Simple, rapid PCR clean-up that efficiently removes short primers, unincorporated dNTPs, enzymes, short-failed PCR products, and salts.

Automated nucleic acid and protein purification

Optimize and automate nucleic acid and protein purification workflows using Dynabeads and MagMAX kits on the KingFisher purification systems.


Dynabeads reagents for small-scale protein isolation and agarose-based beads for large-scale applications, including IP and co-IP.

Exosome isolation

Dedicated tools for isolation and analysis of intact exosomes, immunoprecipitation of exosome proteins, isolation of total RNA or both total RNA and proteins.

Cell isolation

Gentle, magnetic separation with Dynabeads technology isolate high yields of pure, viable and functional cells.

Nucleic acid isolation protocol videos

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Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for your nucleic acid purification & analysis applications.

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