BioProbes® 57


The picture of cell health—alamarBlue®, CyQUANT® NF, AND Click-iT® EdU assays

Taking a multiparametric approach to assessing cell health yields a much richer data set to mine, both for answers and for the next series of questions. The three assays described in this issue each provide a different snapshot of cell health, and can individually or together form the basis of an assay for cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, or drug efficacy.

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Cover Story

The picture of cell health—alamarBlue®, CyQUANT® NF, and Click-iT® EdU assays

New Technologies

Sensitive, easy protein detection—Comparison of the latest western blotting products

Faster, more flexible protein quantitation—The new Luminex® 200 Analyzer with xPONENT® Software

Targeting and profiling lipid kinases for drug discovery—The Adapta™ Universal Kinase Assay

Practical Applications

Signal preservation for live- and fixed-cell analysis—Dyes and antifade reagents to reduce phtotoxic effects and maximize your signal

Custom antibodies and peptides—Start-to-finish solutions for custom antibody production and peptide synthesis

Single-step isolation of functional human NK cells—Using the NKp46 marker and Dynabeads® FlowComp™ technology


Journal Highlight—Cell proliferation studies made simple

On the Web—Fluorophore selection guide for flow cytometry, A revolution in DNA, RNA, and protein quntitation, and more

Just Released—Highlighting our newest cellular analysis products and technologies

Endnote—Recently published: A look at how your fellow researchers are using our products