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Access a more complete solution for each step of your microbiological food testing workflow

Our microbiology solutions bring together the best in food quality and safety testing. They include market-leading molecular instrumentation, sample preparation capability, PCR technology, and lab equipment and plasticware for foodborne pathogen and quality indicator detection as well as traditional culture media and biochemical or immunological tests. With our industry insight, scientific expertise and access to market-leading technologies that enable us to quickly develop new products and protocols, we can help you remain adaptive, responsive and competitive.

Popular food microbiology testing products
Food microbiology testing product categories

Reduce your QC burden and maximize your efficiency with ready-to-use plates and bottles; streamline your workflow with Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ Enrichment Media filled using the Dry-Bags Peristaltic Pump; or select from a wide range of dehydrated formulations for your own media production.

Simplify and standardize your food sample handling when preparing dilutions for direct testing or enrichment using Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ Enrichment Media, Thermo Scientific™ Diluflux™ Automated Gravimetric Dilutor and Thermo Scientific™ Homogenizer Laboratory Blender.

Prepare even the most challenging food samples with options to pool, clean, purify, concentrate and automate your sample preparation for molecular detection and other techniques.

Detect and quantify food quality indicators, spoilage organisms, and bacterial and viral foodborne pathogens with a broad choice of traditional as well as real-time PCR assays.

Differentiate and confirm micro-organisms from solid and sometimes liquid media at genus, species and serovar level with a range of confirmation and identification products that use either biochemical or immunological characteristics.

Monitor and control your manufacturing environment. Verify the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures and reduce the risk of contaminating finished products with ready to use plates and molecular assays.

Trust our manual or automated solutions to deliver accurate results and enhance productivity for every step of the Salmonella test workflow. Our solutions bring together the best from sample preparation to pathogen identification, from flock management to egg and poultry production.

Tips for successful culture media preparation

Free guide: save time and waste in your culture media preparation

Our culture media experts share their top tips in five key areas of media preparation to help you ensure your culture media is fit-for-purpose for accurate and easily interpreted results.

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Prepared Culture Media

Save time and energy with prepared culture media

Eliminate time consuming media preparation and achieve accurate, consistent results at every step of your workflow with a variety of high quality ready-prepared media plates and convenience formats.

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Choose the right tool for your biochemical identification needs

Discover our range of biochemical identification and confirmation tests and choose the right tool for your microorganism identification needs. From enterococci to staphylococci, biochemical tests provide simple and rapid identification of even the most unusual organisms.

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Combat food fraud. Inspect. Detect. Protect.

Combat food fraud with the first complete NGS workflow for meat, fish and plant species screening and identification. Initiate in-house testing of even the most complex food samples for accurate detection and differentiation of expected, and unexpected, species.

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