GeneArt Products and Services

We are a leading integrated solution provider in the field of DNA engineering and downstream processing. Our proprietary GeneArt™ technology platforms range from the manufacture of RNA- and codon-optimized synthetic genes to combinatorial biology and CRISPR genome editing. Explore this collection of our most innovative products that enable breakthrough results.

Popular GeneArt products

GeneArt™ Platinum™ Cas9 Nuclease

GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis

GeneArt™ Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit

Key categories

Gene Synthesis

Complex genes, higher-order DNA assembly, and free optimization for protein expression.

CRISPR Genome Editing

Rapid and efficient gene editing with multiplexing capabilities.

GeneArt™ Strings Fragments and Libraries

Custom synthetic gene fragments (up to 3 kb) and libraries (up to 2 kb) with full IUPAC options, ready for cloning.

Designer TALEN Genome Editing

Precise and flexible gene editing; targeting to any gene in any cell with all-around freedom.