Enterprise-Level Lab Informatics

Connecting your data to transform your business

Providing informatics solutions for more than 30 years, our portfolio includes some of the largest global organizations across multiple industries. We have addressed a broad range of complex customer requirements related to integrated, enterprise-level informatics solutions.

Featured enterprise level lab informatics products

SampleManager LIMS

Nautilus LIMS for Dynamic Discovery and R&D Environments

Watson LIMS for Bioanalytical Laboratories

Informatics solutions

Our flexible LIMS are trusted to manage data, resources and workflows. Select specific application functionalities to dramatically reduce implementation, training, validation and maintenance costs.

Our Scientific Data Management System easily integrates with existing informatics systems to improve utility, value, availability and longevity.

Integration Manager translates and consolidates all your disparate data sources to help you turn vast amounts of enterprise data into timely, effective business decisions.

Simplify daily workflows, manage and capture data more efficiently, and improve communication. Make decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.

The Platform for Science is a flexible, extensible, cloud-based platform designed to help you easily collect, store, access, share, and use your data.

Design and capture your experiment data with a cloud-based, flexible software solution for capturing, analyzing, managing and sharing data.

Thermo Scientific Integrated Informatics Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

This ebook reveals how highly-integrated lab information technologies from Thermo Fisher Scientific can power innovation and ensure that operational excellence is the rule, rather than the exception, in your organization's lab operations.

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