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Our extensive liquid handling portfolio provides a range of tools based on years of experience and innovation. Everything from manual and electronic pipetting, automated liquid handlers, reagent dispensers, as well as pipette tips for any pipette you have in the lab. All you need, including worldwide service, support and application knowledge delivering smart solutions to fit your specific needs in the lab. Move ahead with complete confidence. We think that’s smart.

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From the first variable volume micropipette to the first interlock Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip interface, our manual pipetting systems deliver unparalleled ergonomics, dependability, and quality that ensure consistent and reproducible results.

With electronic pipettes, you can enjoy the productivity of an automated instrument in the palm of your hand. User flexibility and comfort with index-finger pipetting action combined with ClipTip™ interlock technology, and intuitive user interface give you greater confidence in your results.

We have a variety of quality pipette tips to improve the performance of your pipette - such as new ClipTip technology, ART barrier, low retention, extended length, wide bore, and gel loading pipette tips. 

A wide selection of serological pipets is available in various size and packaging options. Our selection of colorful pipet fillers provides a heavy-duty rechargeable battery that allows approximately three times longer operation.


From microplate filling to complex multi-step pipetting applications such as plate reformatting, stamping and serial dilutions, our systems automate your liquid handling tasks.

Fast, easy-to-use Thermo Scientific multidrop dispensers work with a variety of plate formats and volume ranges, so you can save time at the bench and focus on your research.

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Take the quiz to find out! From pipettes to dispensers and automated liquid handling systems, Thermo Scientific™ offers a full range of accurate, ergonomically designed liquid handling products. Let us help you find the best tool for your needs. We think that's smart.

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How ClipTip technology works

Locks tips firmly in place, and forms a complete seal on every channel until it is released.

See our microplate dispensers in action

Fill plates in seconds with convenient and reliable Multidrop reagent dispensers.